Mehmet REIS Who?
Mehmet Reis was born in 1957 in Inebolu. He graduated from the Samsun Educational Institution and attended to Faculty of Law of Istanbul University. 

Mr. Reis´s first employment was in a shop rice business, located in Unkapanı, a district known as the then heart of the food market of then heart of the food market of Istanbul in 1974. Later he established Reis Ticaret in 1981, and Reis Tarımsal Urunler San. Tic. A.S in 1993. Mr. Reis was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Istanbul Food Wholesalers and Dealers Association in 1991, and as the CHAİRMAN OF Functional Commission of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1993. 

He acted as the General Secretary for Mega Centre for consecutive 11 years. He was engaged in TURIDER (All Fppd Importers´ Association) and in PAKDER (Grain, Legumes and Agricultral Products Process and Package Industrialist Association ) and served as a member to the Platform for the Industrialists´ and Businessmen´s Association (SIAS). He was the President of "KASIAS" Kastamonu Industrialists´ and Businenessmen´s Association for 10 years. 

Today Mr. Reis still acts as the Board Chairman of Inebolu Yatırım A.S and Reis Tarımsal Urunler Sanayi Ticaret A.S. Taking a radical decision alone in the struggle against the inflation in 1994 he has, bravely, launched the implementation of fix price. In an attempt to raise and strenghen the Turkish agriculryre, He has leaded the establishment of the Revival of Agriculture Platform -TACA. Having contributed to the Turkish agriculture,he was awarded with "Business Award pf Success by the Turkey Agriculturalists Association in 2009.

He continues to declare his support to the country, by offering solutions to current economic issues, particularly to those related to agriculrure; publishing studies o balanced and health nutrition against obesity current day´s most critical health problem with rapid prevalence amongst the youngsters, honoring organizations , conferences and panels with his speeches about collaboration with Universities , and publishing articles in newspapers and journals.

Mr. Reis has been appreciated with respective correspondences by the Prime Ministry and the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey for his contribution to the development of the relationship with European Union and his efforts in the struggle against high rate of inflation.

Mr. Reis´s accomplishment was soon awarded with "Letter of Appreciation" in the Tax prize branch and the bronze medal in the provincial highest taxpayer listing by Istanbul Trade Chamber, successively for three years. He ranked the 90th among the taxpayers paying the highest taxx in the Marmara Corporation Tax Office in 2008.

Mehmet Reis is married, and has two children and grandchild.


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