Dear employees, business partners, farmers, customers;

We are proud to serve as the leading brand of dried food sector of Turkey for 37 years in the industry. By leading our sector, we continue to add value to our country's economy together with our stakeholders.

When we evaluate the food sector in the world, on the one hand the world population is increasing, but on the other hand agricultural production decreases due to global warming, drying of wetlands. This situation poses a serious threat in terms of feeding the world's population.

According to 2015 report of United Nations (UN), the number of people suffering from hunger in the world has exceeded 800 million. It is assumed that the world population, which was 7 billion and 391 million in 2015, will become 9 billion and 100 million in 2050. International organizations indicate that hunger problem is and continue to be an important threat and they draws attention to the taking measures and solution productions. Indeed, no measures are taken in the coming years, we will talk more in desperation about the lack of various food products and rapidly rising food prices.

In an environment threatened by a "global food crisis", each country is obliged to take measures in order to meet the domestic consumption and increase food production permanently. Within this framework, none of the countries can rely on another country for nutrition with the idea to import. Each country must make agricultural production in a way to meet the requirements for domestic consumption.

33 % of global soil resources are infertile. In 2000s, 60 % of world population lived in rural areas and this rate will decrease to 30 % in 2050. The problem is not only about the narrowing of cultivable land; the decrease of the number of farmers will also become a significant problem in the coming years.

In Turkey, the rate of population living in rural areas was 76 % in 1927 and this number decreased to 25 % in 2015. The population employed in agricultural sector today is old and young people migrate to urban areas. According to TUIK data, youth have the highest unemployment rates. If we can direct the young population to get involved in agriculture and if they can feed themselves where they were born, we can stop unemployment. Agricultural sector is not only for meeting the food requirement of society. Agriculture produces raw material for many sectors such as industry and it also contributes to employment.

Although our agricultural lands decrease due to erosion and they are used used for other purposes; Turkey has many advantageous compared to other countries due to its geographical position, young population, climatic features and existing lands. If Turkey uses this potential correctly, domestic consumption will be met and even more products will be produced, a remedy will be found for foreign trade gap. Agricultural sector has the priority for the growth of Turkish economy for securing the future of children and healthy nutrition.

According to the report of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Turkey is one of the 4 countries in the world which is able to produce lentil and chickpeas. Also, these products are strategic for Turkey which is the homeland of pulses. Turkey has the appropriate soil structure for pulses, native seeds and cultivation information.

Producer income has to be increased in order to maintain sustainability in production. In the years when product supply is high, policies need to be established to prevent price decreases and pulse import should not be allowed before harvest period. Premium support per kilogram was 10 Turkish cents in 2014 and this has reached to 20 in 2015; it has reached to 1 million 79 thousand 48 tons from 1 million 35 thousand 832 tons with an increase of 4.17 % in production. There has been a significant increase in lentil and chickpea export in the last two years. Increase the 0.20tl/kg of premium support to 0.40 tl/kg, increase the diesel and fertilizer support, encouraging the young population to work more with the different supports in agriculture with a high efficiency seeds and making production planning with more different supports, we can reach a pulse exportation of 1 billion dollar in all pulses varieties until 2023 after providing a sufficient amount of production for ourselves.

United Nations (UN)has declared the 2016 year as the International Pulses upon suggestion of Turkey. Throughout the year, it is emphasized that the pulses containing the products such as bean, chickpea, lentil, broad bean and cow pea legumes are very important for healthy diet. The production and consumption in Turkey will also increase as in the whole world. We will keep on taking part in the world with our products produced from local seeds in the pulses year. By the experts, pulses products containing high protein rate and the best fibres sources extending satiety time and without cholesterol contribute the immune system and help to balance body sugar and blood pressure thank to the vitamin content. The pulses, which is saturator, strengthens bones and muscles and eliminates anaemia, are economic because of its increment feature. Pulse is remedy to hunger,increment and saturator and provides vegetable protein.

According to the Data of the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 billion and 900 million people in the world are overweight today and 1/3 of them suffer from obesity. Changes in food culture, fast-food and the immobility due to working conditions accelerate the existence of obesity. Obesity is the main reason of many illnesses in the world today, especially diabetes. As Reis, we continue struggling with obesity since 2009.

We should use our fertile lands for agriculture only, we should encourage the young population to be involved in agriculture and we should focus on conscious spraying while making production with natice seeds. As the Indian proverb says. "When the last river has dried, the last fish caught, (I add to this 'when the last bee dies'), only then will the white man understand that money cannot be eaten."

We thanks to all our employees, business partners, farmers and customers who added value by their labour and contributions during success journey of Reis Family for 37 years and we wish to work together in the future with many successful works.

Respectfully yours,

Mehmet REIS
Chairman of Executive Board

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