-- To make a quality production appropriate to 'From farm to fork ‘food safety’ and ‘palatal taste’.

-Being a reference brand for providing a safety food to the people and for a better life

By adopting customer needs and legal regulations as minimum standards, to create ‘Reis Food Assurance and ensure its contuniuty

-Make ‘safe food a ‘food accessible’

-By taking care of fulfilling business ethics and all legal requirements, to be sensitive to the expectations of society and adopt the social responsibility as the fundamental duty and principle to adopt.

-To provide quality and food safety management systems within the institution to be understood, implemented and permanent.

Fulfil Quality and Food Safety Management System Requirements and improve systems continuously

-In terms of raw materials; choice and use consistently reliable and high quality products

-In production, by using trained and informed staff, to offer high quality beans and rice to the customers

-In terms of service; to ensure their customers individual satisfaction

-At each stage, to advance towards renewal with ‘Innovation’ idea

-At each stage, making a production conform with national/international legal requirements

-Keep the suppliers and customers satisfaction at the highest level so as to improve mutual commitment

-Give environmentally and socially sensitive service


- To be a leader firm dominating the sector with its quality and service approach and continue to develop in accordance with the principles

-Make a production in accordance with internationally recognized global standards

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