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Why Reis ?

Reis Gıda, leader of the dry food sector since 1981, offers 100% native seed brand to its domestic and abroad consumers. Reis products which have been certified in terms of conformity to national and international quality norms, are exported to 22 countries on 4 continents as well as our country.

Reis has moved to its new plant in Istanbul Esenyurt in 2013, the plant has 9.500 square meter of space. Reis has reached 70 thousand tons per year in production of rice and pulse with an additional investments in the facility.

Reis, which adopts consumer rights of the European Union and implements them, is under the control of the TSE. It has obtained HACCP Food Safety and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management certificates under supervision of Bureau Veritas on 17.05.2000. Reis, which is the first firm having these certificates in the sector, continues to obtain new success as a global brand.

"Analyses of dry food and general sector" are being done since 2000 with the collaboration of Nielsen Turkiye and Reis Food. According to results of the study; Reis brand always has the first place in brand awareness for rice and pulses. In 2000 year sector analysis report, Reis had the first place in pulses and in rice. In 2004 sector analysis report, Reis was the most reminded brand in rice and pulses. In 2009 sector report, Reis was once again the most known brand in rice and pulses. In the sector report of 2015-2016, Reis was once again the leading brand in rice and pulses.

November 2015 - April 2016 research According to “Nutrition and Dry Food Consumption Habits & Brand Health Research ” made between November 2015 - April 2016, the brands of which Brand Value Index exceeds 3 are accepted as strong brands in Nielsen winning brands© model.
Reis, which is the unique brand getting 3.0 points in dry food sector, keeps on the leading position as "the strongest brand" in the market.

The most significant factor among the brand health indicators for the consumers is the "reliability" of Reis brand. The reliability image of Reis is followed by other image definitions such as quality, taste, healthy products and natural ingredients.

The leadership and difference of Reis and its excellent performance can be explained with its business ethics and strong infrastructure.

Reis, which makes a point of deliver in time the excellent quality with a good price by giving particular importance to the consumer satisfaction, is conscious of the documents and obtained awards and the responsibility arising from sales stores and consumers.

Dry Food products are packed with Reis Quality Warranty

In all stages of the product from the production to the consumptions, Reis A.Ş Firm adopts a preventive food safety management giving a compliance guarantee with the hygienic conditions of the production stage rather than the final control of the product by determining physical, chemical and biological dangers.

Reis products with TR-34-K-048577 business record number are packed in accordance with Turkish Food Codex, TSE Standards and Reis Food Security Policy.

There are some difference of cooking and flavour in the product cultivated and exported in various regions of Turkey, and some difference between the old and new products. Reis considers all of these factors and controls all stages until packaging. It makes carefully the humidity rate measurements, cooking periods and taste tests of the new crops..

Each product spekt is performed with product analysis by the experienced management and dynamic team in terms of raw material selection. Each product entering to the facility is controlled at every stage of production and conserved under proper storage conditions.The analysis performed with the samples taken from the production are recorded and retrospective traceability is allowed efficiently.

According to the types of products, beans and rice pass through integrated machine line having advanced technology.

Information on the Machinery line:

1-Rice Sortex:
The most sensitive optical separation systems are used for cleaning of small-grain products such as rice. This is the most advance technological system. In this way, impurities in the product are extracted and homogeneous, healthier and high quality final products are obtained. Optical separator system (sortex machines) works on the principle of determination and separation of the unwanted foreign substances which may be in different colour and form in the product on the basis of colour.

2- Pulses Line:

Stone Separator
Slight Grain Separator (Gravity),
Optical Separator

It separates pulse products such as dry beans, chickpeas and green lentils by sieves according to size and ensures homogeneous products. By sieves installed from largest to smallest, the classification process is performed by separating the products according to size. The process of sorting done here is important in determining product quality and commercial value.

Stone Separator:

Stone separator is used for the separation of foreign substances such as stone, soil, sand etc. according to product structure. Thanks to the high capacity vacuum, it has a feature to take light waste and dust. With the effect of the vibration of air within the system and the air created on the bottom, the product is separated from all kinds of foreign substances which are heavier than the product itself.

Gravity (Light Grain Separator)
It is used to separate weak, wrinkled, hollowed, broken, non-developed grains as well as the foreign materiel such as stalk, shell etc. in the sorted product and to improve product quality. Then, the cleaned product will be transferred to sortex system.

Optical Separator:

For separation small-grain products such as pulses and rice, the most sensitive optical separator systems are used as a technological method. Thanks to this, foreign materiel in the products are separated and a homogeneous, more quality and healthier products are obtained. Optical separator system (sortex machines) works on the principle of determination and separation of the unwanted foreign substances which may be in different colour and form in the product on the basis of colour. In obtaining clean products, Machine capacity, speed, accuracy and careful controls are important for obtaining clean products. .

The products passing the stages above are taken into the packaging line. The products are put into their packaging prepared according to their type and they are transferred to the store for sale.

Reis always continues to offer the best quality dry product suitable for food safety and palatal delight, quickly cooked, incremental and nutritious to the consumers.

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