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Why Reis ?

Reis aims to offer the excellent quality products to its customers by making a production comply with "Turkish Food Codex" with the importance given to the product standard from 1981 to today. From 1994 to today, Reis, which is under the control of TSE permanently, is the first firm that has taken the “HACPP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Management System” in the sector in 2000, adopted by European Union (EU) as food hygiene. This system provides to control the food product at every production stage and provides food safety.

The quality award given by TSE and all other awards are the sources of responsibility and pride for Reis.

As is known, Turkish Standards Institute have the experts and independent persons prepared standards appropriate to Turkey conditions by following the advanced technology and international standards and it raises awareness of the consumers about the rights and be a guide for the producers. By obtaining TSE permit, TSE brand is also used on these products that have been determined as comply with the published standards by TSE inspections.

The advantages of using TSE brand is very well known by conscious consumers and producers. The way of preventing the unfair competition and illegal production existing between the firms working in the food sector depends the fact that these food firms should be recorded with the Business Registration Certificate which is given by the Ministry of Agriculture to determine if the production is comply with the fixed condition or not.

Republic of Turkey With the Regulation of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock Ministry published in the Official Gazette, Food firm are obliged to obtain Registration Certificate and they should have their brands registered. To make production with production permission and to provide healthy and hygienic environment conditions will help in consumer safety. The production permit to be taken for production of any product can be possible after the control performed by authority persons for hygienic conditions.

This is the only way to prevent unhealthy production threatening the public health. Another issue, the firms making illegal productions create an unfair competition environment for the firms which made production in extremely good and hygienic conditions. The investments coming from the provided conditions provided are added to the cost of product. Consumers may prefer such cheap and unhealthy products as they do not have sufficient information.

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