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‘’Agriculture sector’’ hit the headlines at the New Turkey Economy meeting…

Economy is a team work,
If we say a new economy, we need to build a new strategy

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis, who joined as a speaker to the ‘’New Turkey Economy’’ subjected panel organized at Istanbul University at the date 25 April by the Branch of Istanbul of the Young All Industry and Business Association (TÜMSİAD), stated that agriculture is the most strategic main sector for our children and country’s future to be secured.

For a sustainable grow, we have to build strong brands

During his panel speech, the Reis Goda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis said that their branding process since they went into action in 1981, has been a success story of entrepreneurship and innovation. He also added:

“For 40 years, I have been in the agricultural sector. As a purpose of Turkey for the year 2023, it has revealed the 500 billion dollar exportation number. In the point of reaching this purpose, which everyone agrees upon, we should first put into action these items. We should have a long term plan. We shoul increase the number of entrepreneurs.We should do production based on innovation. In sum, for the companies to stand on its feet and be sustainable, it should adapt the requirements od the century. As a matter of fact, when I started the branding process of Reis Gıda, I received reactions like; ‘There cant be brand for bean, chickpea and lentil’. Later we decided to take the documentation of the EU called Danger Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). In the year 2000, we were the one in our sector who first received the HACCP document. Now, we export to 20 countries including America. In famous streest of the world, Reis branded products are sold. This is a story of entrepreneurship and innovation.’’

The purpose for 2023 can be pursued with all the sectors growing together

Mehmet Reis claims that in order for Turkey to have a sustainable growth, the agricultural sector needs to be cared. He also adds by saying;
“When we say growing and purposes, we immediately think of the industria sector. However, beside the industrial sector, there are also 26 more sectors as agriculture, tourism and mining. As a country, we can reach our purposes with all the sectors growing together. Agriculture is very important for Turkey’s future and economy. While the 25% of our country live in the country side, the employment in agriculture is 22%.
Approximately 60 billion dollars of our country’s GNP which is 800 billion dollars, is for the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector is a sector which provides raw material to the industry. Without agriculture, it is not possible to provide raw material for the food industry. In the last years, agriculture has become a solution for the unemployment. Another important subject which I would like to emphasize is that; according to the data of Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development (OECD), the food production around the world is decreasing. This creates a very big risk from the aspect of the nutrition of the world population. It is estimated by the experts that the world’s population will reach to 9.1 billion people by 2050. There is still a chance for the sector of agriculture in Turkey. In addition, we find the work of our government very successful regarding the prevention of the land separation by inheritance’’.

In agriculture, we produce the best quality products in the world

Mehmet Reis, saying that the exportation in agriculture has arised in the last years in Turkey, also said:
“As Turkey, we produce the best quality agricultural products around the world. The ones comin from abroad, are because they are cheap. For example, as Turkey we export, to developed countries like America, many Turk dry food products including rise. While Turkey has 18 billion and 749 million dollars in agricultural exportation; the importation of the agricultural products has been 18 billion 58 million dollars. In agriculture, we haven’t had a foreign trade deficit and in contrary we have hyad an excess. We can become the global power with the country’s agriculture. The sector of agriculture is one of the strategical sectors for our country’s future and economic srabilisation. I shared agriculture’s share in the country’s economy with you. In order to secure the future of our country and children, agriculture should be the sole sector. What I want to say is; for the living creatures to live, we should protect the soil, water, environment. Protect out domestic seeds. Our purpose should be to motivate the young people to become farmers. I would like to finish my speech with an Indian phrase. When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.

2015, will be the year of reform in economy

The Vice Chairman of Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchance Commodities Halim Mete states that Turkey needs to take a reform move for its 2023 goals, he also added:
“We take every step gladly for the young entrepreneurship to develop in our country.We deliver the ideas and requests of 1500 members of TOBB to politic and decision takers. Our jo is to show the way for solution. Sometimes we will be the one who shows the way, and sometimes will be giving description ways. As we all know, the world is going through a phase like no other. Issues are locked in this gerography. In order to rise again, we need to take a reform step for the goals of 2023. The years between 2015 and 2019 should be reform years. For instance, there should be an efficient process that will disclose the taxes. For skilled labours, there is a need for a whole new education reform. Vocational High Schools are important elements here. While there is unemployment on one hand, there is a need for skilled labour in the other. Another topic that should be clarified is that 1 out of 3 people in our country is working below his/her capacity.We don’t evaluate the human resource which is the biggest source of ours and in one hand we waste it. There is a great entrepreneur vibe in Turkey. We should also show support for the entrepreneurs to grow. We want a Turkey that invests in innovations and provide qualified employment. Our country will reach to its goal with reforms. ”

If we want a new economy, we should form a new strategy

The Executive Editor of The Dunya Journal states that there is a need for a new strategy in the New Turkey Economy. He also added:
“I am doing economy journalism for 30 years. Economy is some sort of a team game. The first poing is to build a strategy if we want a new Turkey, a new economy. These strategies can be with Smes, companies, reforms. Turkey transferred to 10 thousand dollars in income per capita. This number is 10 thousand 440 dollars in 2014. We need a new story for a new economy. We have accomplished a success in exportation since 80s. Our main problem is that we haven’t produced an sold the advanced technology products. Turkey’s primary exportation product is structural iron. 1 out of 5 of the construction sector market in the world is in Turkey. Later comes textile. We have made highways, and many things. We should increase i.e. the agricultural products in exportation in every aspect. What about now, what should underlie beneath the new story. The politics that took us from 5 thousand dollars to 10 thousand dollars, is not in the level to take us from 10 yhousand dollars to 20 thousand dollars. We shoul choose big projects and accomplish them. We should do studies in fields like Genetic informatics, nano technology and robotic technologies. An age of concreteness called industrial internet has begun. Now, the reality and virtual is combining. A new economy is shaping. America did this in 40 years, and South Korea in 19 years. Turkey can overcome the middle income trap risk fater b using its mind. We know Turkey has that potential. ”

We should be one of the biggest 10 economies in the world

Albaraka Turk Corporate Credits Manager Huseyin Tunc said;
“We are within the market and real economy. Today,we say that the the entrepreneur vibe should develop. Self reliance supports entrepreneurs, it is important to trust yourselves. Turkey has a goal for 2023. It is the goal for Turkey to enter amoung the 10 b,g economies of the world. We cannot reach the goal with our pace today. Branding is important. For instance; a German firm can buy a bathrobe it bought from a textile firm in Denizli for 6 Euros, and sell it for 60 Euros. Therefore, Turkey needs branding. We should determine the important sectors and create our brands. On the other hand, the education wprld and the business world need to embrace one another. Turkey needs to create an inventory where it has decided its strong areas. This approach will take our country to success. ”

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