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Home Made Food, Account is Net

In order to draw attention on how eating healthy and balanced is very economical, Reis Gıda started the campaign called ‘’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’.
In the campaign that drew attention on how lentil soup, white beans, rice and ashoua costed 16 TL for 4 people, it was said that ‘’ the home made food is richer and loved more’’. Reis Gıda, which has been emphasizing the campaing called ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’against obesity for the last 5 years, carried its second campaign called the ‘’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’ project into effect.

Both healthy and economical

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis who thinks that cooking at home is both healthy and economical, said:
“We calculated the cost of 4 kinds of food; lentil soup, white beans, rise and ashoura, and cooked it in our kitchen. The cost of 4 kinds of food for a family with 4 people was 16 TL. In this case, the cost of the meal for 4 people was 4 TL each. We prepared another menu with black cabbage soup, green lentil meal, bulgur pilaf with vegetable and rise pudding and the cost for a family with 4 people was 15 TL. In sum, a meal cooked at home eaten buy the family is both healthy and balanced and also economical. ”

The threat of obesity is everywhere

Eating healthy and balanced is one of the most discussed subject we face throughout the world for the past years. In the world facing obesity as a result of the ‘’Junk-foods’’; 1 billion people are on the starvation line while more than 1 billion people is dealing with health problem for over-weighting. Experts warn that when we reach 2030s, nearly the half of the world’s population is going to suffer from obesity.
Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis explained that as long as the problem of obesity continues, they will also continue their corporate social responsibility project called ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’.

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