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  • PACKING 500 g - 1 kg

Sarmoni and Sarlife are one of the most important products of Reis for Turkey world market. When compared to other similar garlics, Taskopru garlic is, combined with Reis's quality approach and showing outstanding features, is offered under Sarmoni brand. Garlics of different regions are offered to the customers in net packagings of 100, 250, 500, 1000 gr under Sarlife brand. Its shipment of the sale points is made with 25 and 40 packages allowing air circulation. In addition to the garlics offered in net and braiding from, pulp and peeled garlic production is also made for industrial consumption.

In our country, garlic became an industrial product in a late time. Garlic facility founded in Taskopru aims to respond to this need. The facility has 1500 m2 closed area with 22 main machines and 5 auxiliary machines; ıt performs the following operations with an annual capacity of 2000 tons: taking the dust of the body by eliminating the stalk and tassels • Separating the garlic to cloves and sizing
• Peeling the grains passing from the conditioning oven;
• Pure and crushing operations.

ONION WILL NOT BURN EYES Sarmoni Garlic Integrated Plant within Reis A.Ş. operating for 8 years in Kastamonu/Taskopru district is the first of Turkey. Garlics and onions peeled untouched by human hands in automatic machine and packaged meet in general the sense raw material needs of the factories. It was also presented to market in the context of "Project that make life easier".

In Turkey, garlic consumption per person is at very low levels. The most important reason of this is the odour of the garlic and difficulty in the peeling. In the surveys we did, it has been stated that especially working women will increase, by showing a great interest to the product, consumption of this product which are easy to use quite in the houses Based on these impressions, we are presented the peeled garlics and onions to the market shelves. Great tendency of the consumers to the healthy nutrition compared to the past will put the garlic over the top and increase the consumption per person.

Shelf life of these products packaged with any additives is 3 months. In case of conserved in deep-freeze, this shelf life is 1 year.

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