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Reis has obtained the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

 Reis Gıda, which exports to 26 countries, has obtained the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate by meeting the requirements of the Covid-19 hygiene, infection prevention and control certification program by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Reis Gıda has once again proved the importance it attaches to quality and food safety with this certificate.

Reis Gıda Board Member Işılay Reis Yorgun stated that they are among the companies that obtained the TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate after being audited for compliance with all the criteria set in the “Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide” published by Turkish Standards Institution(TSE) under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Technology thanks to their high level hygiene measures such as informative booklets, employee training, practices in production areas, dining facilities, rest facilities, logistics and personnel transport services, and works that promote the health of everyone within the scope of Covid-19. “The COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate is important in fulfilling the obligations to society,” she added.

“Since 1981, we have been a brand sensitive to the environment and society by providing hygiene, quality and traceability at every stage throughout the supply chain with the mission to ensure food security from the field to the table. Since the first day of this challenging pandemic, we have taken world-class measures and implemented all actions published by the Ministry of Health. With the precautions we have taken and the hygiene standards we have implemented during the pandemic, we always worked to make our products accessible to ensure that people reach safe and healthy food. We have a brand identity sensitive to issues related to the environment and society and we will continue to produce without compromising on quality and food safety, to contribute to the national economy through exports, and to stand with our consumers,” she further stated.


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