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Have A Healthy And Balanced Nourishment To Fight Against Obesity For A Livable World

Reis Gıda, who has started a fight against obesity, is growing its ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’ campaign in its 7. Year.

Reis Gıda, who is the leader of the dry food sector, started a war against obesity. Reis Gıda aims to bring awareness to all people,ü especially children and takes the ‘’have a healthy and balanced nourishments for a livable world’’ as its first priority.

As it is all around the world, the obesity has come to a number that puts the health of community under risk in Turkey as well. Obesity is the reason for many illnesses, particularly diabetes. According to the experts, 25 % of men and 44 % of women are obese. Obesity in children has come to a serious number with 15 %.

Reis Gıda supports the idea that is against obesity with all its soul.

Reis GIda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis who says they will continue their social responsibility projects as long as the problem of obesity continues, alos added:
‘’We will continue to bring the topic of eating healthy and balanced in every platform. As long as obesity atays as a problem in our life, we are ready to give the support needed as Reis. A health life brings a quality life. Eating healthy should start from the childhood. Parents should take more care into their famiky courses to be an example for their children. Our Dear President and Prime Minister, Minister of Health are seeing the obesity problem as an important problem of our country and brings this problem to the relating platforms.’’

The taste has changed, the number of obeses has increased.

Reis Gıda Board Member Isılay Reis Yorgun indicated that the Turkey’s table manners and tastes have changed with fastfoods and ready-to-eat meals. He also added; ‘’ Obesity, which is this generations’s illness that has showed up as a result of wrong dietary habits, has become the biggest problem of the new generations’’.
We fight against obesity with the thought of our children who are our future’’ said Reis Yorgun continuing his speech as follows:

‘’ Obesity, unfortunately, starts from the early ages. The obesity rate in children, for the last 20 years, has arised to 15 % from 5 % and this rate continues to increase. In the year of 2009, we started our poject with the slogan ‘’Traditional Tastes, Healthy Generations’’. In the second part of our study ‘’Eat Junk Food, That’s the Result’’ and continued with our slogan ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’. Our social responsibility project about obesity which we are maintaining for 5 years has had new projects we added in the year 2014 against the obesity fight. As the Reis Gıda family, we are aware that obesity can be prevented. Natural foods with vitamin and minerals are amoung the important factors that ensure children’s physical and mental development. Healthy Food is a Happy Future.’’

Obesity causes many illnesses

Isılay Reis Yorgun who says that obesity affects the body directly and implicitly, also added:

‘’The numbers of people with obesity increases each day, with the fasfoods,pastries and white breads and eating too much salty, sugary, oily food and a inactive life style. When we mention obesity, a person’s figure comes to mind. However, obesity caused other illnesses. Coroner heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, some cancer types and many metabolica problems are some of them and they decrease the quality of your life. As Reis Gıda, especially the schools and universities, with our many acitivities organized in various platforms, we keep the problem of obesity in the agenda and continue to inform our children, young generation and parents about healhy eating. Because the problem of obesity shouldn’t be underestimated. In every step we take, we shouldn’t only think about ourselves but our community. We should take the topic seriously and evaluate the process and results with care and devotion. We should follow the path that will enrich our life in future with health. ‘’ he said.

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