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‘’Social Responsibility to Support the Future’’ from Reis gradually increases.

  Mehmet Reis,
“The most important relief in a business man’s life is social security projects’’

Reis Gıda, the leader of the dry food sector, stands out with its fight against obesity especially as part of the corporate social responsibility project. Reis Gıda is continuing its campaigns and social responsibility projects for young people and children regarding their eating habits.

Reis Gıda, active in the sector for 34 years as a leader, started its obesity campaign in 2009 with the slogan ‘’Traditional Tastes Healthy Generations’’ and continued the journey with ‘’Eat Junk Food, That’s the Result’’. The subsequent slogan became ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’. In the year 2015, with the work called ‘’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’ , it still continues its fight against obesity for a healthy community.

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis said ‘’ As long as the Reis Gıda firm is standing, we will do our best for Turkey’s healthy nutrition. We will continue our fight against obesity till the end. During this fight, we are ready to organize some projects with the non-governmental organizations.’’

There are social responsibility projects in the making DNA of Reis.

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis who recorded that business men should take place more for the solution of the community problems, said:

‘’As business men, we should do more for the community issues besides being sad. As Reis Gıda has social responsibility projects within its DNA, we continue to contribute the community with our material and moral support. I, as the leader of the Reis Gıda Community, am contributing to the projects that are helping the community myself. I think that the biggest relief for a business man is social responsibility projects. By contributing to the social responsibility projects, I feel happy to be able to help the ones in need and show my loyalty to my country. For example, there is no way to explain how happy I feeld when one of the 800 students we give educational scholarship to calls. I would like to mention that social responsibility projects are not only about financial support. I try to build a communication to the ones I support as a brother. I inspired my children about this as well. I think that every business man needs to to this. This makes you grow mentally. In sum, as long as the Reis firm is standing, it will continue to be a hope for orphans and the ones in need.’’

Reis was awarded with the Golden Medal

Reis Gıda who doesn’t stay deaf to the disasters around the world, i.e. for for the flood disaster in Pakistan, sends dry food help with the Help Train. Reis was awarded with the Golden Medal for its support to human helping organizations both within and outside Turkey during the 144.year of Turkish red crescent. The award was given by that period’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to President of Reis Gıda Mehmet Reis.

Reis Gıda is supporting, both financially and morally the children in streets, physically an mentally handicapped ones who fight against the difficulties and obstacles in life, women shelters, Protection of Children Society, The foundation for Education and Children with Leukemia and many other organizations with various projects.
Reis Gıda, who cares very muchg about the social values and family bonds shows his care about the mothers with his saying at the Mother’s Day during the Hospice visit: ‘’The best nutrition experts of the world are our mothers’’.

He was awarded with the title ‘’ Don Quixote’’

The sector leader Reis Gıda continues to break grounds. One of these is that the Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis brought the fixed price application by saying ‘’The struggle with inflation is not only Government’s work’’ in the year 1995 and he brought this application not only to his own sector. This was a first in the history of republic.During the times when the inflation rate was high, Mehmet Reis was the first business man to take the first step to start a fight against inflation and that is when he received his title ‘’ Don Quixote’’. Also, the first brand to bring the HACCP Management System, known as the food hygiene by the EU, to its sector was Reis in the year 2000.

Beside the community projects, Reis Gıda is also a leader in environmental works and was awarded with the ‘’Green Economy’’ award in the year 2015. Reis is still continuing its works constantly by taking the corporate social responsibility projects to the center of the business.

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