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Reis Gıda met our elders for breakfast

Reis Gıda, the leader of the dry food sector met the elders of the Hospice on the 25th of March 2015 Wednesday in scope of Respect For Elders Week.

Reis Gıda, one of the Loving Company’s of our country, organized a breakfast with the elders living in Hospice at the Poin Hotel Taksim.
In scope of the ‘’Respect For Elders Week’’ celebrated between the dates 18-24 March, during the breakfast program organized, the President of Hospice Dr. Aylin Ciftci, Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis and the people of Hospice attended the event.
Fahri Kabaağaç and Turan Sağlamyürek from the people of Hospice read their poems while Aslan Sarıcan spiced up the evening with his saz and our grandfathers and grandmothers who are our most precious creatures that make us take our culture and manner to the future had very much fun.
The President of Hospice Dr. Aylin Ciftci said ‘’Our elders are very pleased to be living the life. In this very special day, we thank the business man dear Mehmet Reis for being with us.’’

Remember, all of us are the elders of the future

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis started his words by sayin ‘’If the young people knew, the old people could do…’’ and continued by saying:
‘’In this very special day, we are very happy that we celebrated the place and importance of our grandparents in the community who are making us grow with love and making our future brighter by taking our manners to tommorows. Remember, all of us are the elders of the future. However, the communities that protect their elders by giving them the love and respect they need, can live safe and in peace. In the event we organized, I celebrate our elders’, who are a bridge between the past and the present, ‘’Respect For the Elders Week’’ and I kiss their hands’’.

It has been an amazing breakfast

A member of Hospice Füsun Kaslak said; “I am 64 years old, and living my summer. I am very happy to be among my two angels today; the President of Hospice Dr. Aylin Ciftci and Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis.”

A member of Hospice Özgün Güler said “ I am 72 years old. I like to travel a lot. I get young when I travel. It has been a great breakfast. I thank Reis Gıda.”

A member of Hospice Fahri Kabaağaç said “I am 67 years old and I am still very young. I live the life like a poem and not a day goes by without a poem. I have a poem book called ‘Kirkindan Sonra’.”

A member of Hospice Aykut Sönmez said “I am 86 years old. We are very happy to be here today. Thank you Mehmet Reis for organizing this. ”

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