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Reis Gıda will carry on a Kite Festival for 10 thousand children in 23 April.

“Reis Gıda, which cooperated with children with the ’We are Done with Junk Food’ campaign with the purpose to create an awareness for obesity, will carry on a Kite Festival for 10 thousand children in 23 April with the collaboration of Bakirkoy Municipality. Every year in 23 April, in the traditional kite festival, the children will shout ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’ with their colourful kites. ‘’

Children, who are the little heroes of Reis Gıda’s fight against obesity, will celebrate the April 23 national sovereignty and children's day with the Kite Festival collaborated with Bakirkoy Municipality. The colourful dance of the kites in the sky will combine with the laughters of children at the Kite Festival organized by Reis Gıda, with the collaboration of Bakirkoy Municipality, through Onur Hipermarkets, at the Yesilkoy beach. In the Reis Goda stands, there will also be surprise gifts beside colourful kites waiting for the children. Children, who are the heroes of the ’We are Done with Junk Food’ campaign, will celebrate all together a joyful 23 April at the Yesilkoy beach.

Loving Company
Reis Gıda which is the leader of dry food for 34 years, has joined numerous social responsibility projects that enrich the institutions and establishments in the community and continues to contribute to events of special days and weeks.Reis Gıda, one of the numbered Loving Companies of our Country, is maintaining its leadership in sharing with the community since the fist day it went into action.

A livable world….
Reis Gıda, which aims to raise awareness about obesity in evey individual, especially the children and young people who are the architects of our future, is taking ‘healthy and balanced diet for a livable world’ as its first priority. Reis has been reflecting its ‘We are Done with Junk Food’ campaign in every platform within the scope of the corporate social responsibility project for the last 6 years. The ‘Home Made Food, Account is Net’ campaign was started by Reis during the beginning of the year 2015, and it emphasizes that eating healthy and balanced is also more economical. The emphasized that cost of 4 kinds of food for a family with 4 people varies between 15 TL and 16 TL and records that ‘’ the home made food is richer and loved more’’.

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