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Our elders at Hospice spoke about their Ashoura days and neighbourhood in past

Our elders in Hospice spoke about their traditional Ashoura days in past, neighbourhood when they were children and took us to those days.

The organization of Ashoura Day at the Ministry Of Family And Social Policies Head of Hospice on the 23rd of October 2015 Friday, with the Hospice President Hamza Cebeci as the host, and the contribution of Reis Gıda; Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis and the elders living in Hospice attended.

Reis Gıda was with our elder people during the muharram ul haram, as it is every year, to let them live the traditional Ashoura days.

The 23rd of October Friday was the Ashoura day and the organization that was carried out started with the Koran Chants. Later, our elder people told their memories regarding those days. At the end of the activity, Ashoura was served.
‘’It is not civilization where there are planes in the air, tanks on the ground and guns that are fired.”

The President of Hospice Hamza Cemeci, during his opening speech said;

‘’In a time when humans are losing altitude really seriously, I congratulate Reis Gıda for such an attempt in this beautiful space. In the time we are currently living in, humans lose altitude day by day. In the past humans travelled for days to meet their friends. Today, they can’t visit their friends even though it wouldn’t take hours for them to meet. This is a manner loss.’’

Hamza Celebi continued his words with Mento Mehmet Akif’s verse ‘’See the joker creature called civilization. Spit on the masked conscious of the era, spit’’ and later said ‘’As a brother of yours who has done his higher education in Europe, I saw how people were miserable in the streets and how people with no money are neglected. It is not civilization where there are planes in the air, tanks on the ground and guns that are fired. Civilization cares about the life and the manners where people are respectful and sensitive among themselves. Therefore, civilization is 120 year just as the Hospice; it is a mind that helps the people in need that have came to your door without expecting any money and without the discrimination in religion, language, race, sect, spirit and ideology. In a time when human have lost their manners, I thank Reis Gıda that come to Hospice nearly every year and many times a year, asking for any needs,for having a bond of love with the people here. Let God strengthen their power. We always remember the ones that have been helping us during this 120 years with blessing. Let the ones we have lost to rest in peace and the ones who live to live in health, wellness and live long lives’’.

‘’ We will have many muharram ul harams with friendship, unity and brotherhood.’’

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis who had realised that the Hospice is a big old family, said that he had been living the best example of friendship, unity and brotherhood in this large family. Reis Gıda President Mehmet Reis continued his speech by saying: ‘’ Today we are here with a big family.There are friendship, brotherhood and unity in this large family. Muharram ul haram is the month when friendship and neighbourliness are getting stronger. It is the month of sharing. As the Reis family, we are very glad to be with you as well. We were born is this country and we are living in it. We all own everything to this country. We are actually making the way of paying our debts for this country with these kinds of behaviours we perform. Let the God make us have more Ashoura months and celebrate muharram ul harams to come with our country in peace and security where there is brotherhood and friendship.’’

The residents of Hospice explained the traditional Ashoura days.

Fikret Karabulut, resident of Hospice, explained her ashoura days and neighbourhood by saying: ‘’My deceased mother used to prepare all of the ingredients from the day before. She used to put every ingredient we could afford. After she cooked the ashoura, she first served them to neighbours and later the household would eat it. Even though every house used to cook ashoura, each one of theöm serven to their neighours. Since the time of Hz. Noah Prophet, this tradition is going on and I believe we still continue the tradition.’’

Perihan Karakuyu, resident of Hospice, said ‘’In the past, our elders used to cool and serve to the neighbours and collect the children and made them eat the ashoura. There used to be neighbourhood relations, everyone used to serve ashoura to eachother. There isn’t such a thing now but in our organization you can still se this tradition. ‘’

Eat ashoura, eat helthy

Mehmet Reis explained by saying that there are various pulses used in the ashoura needed for a healthy diet and continued his speech by saying:

‘’The wheat, chickpea and beans used for ashoura contains carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and minerals. In a ashoure plate, there are various tastes from all over our country. The story of this taste that is enriched with contrast flavours comes from the Hz. Noah’s ark. In order to celebrate the survival of the ship from the flood, they cook all the grain and pulse they have in their stocks and and serve them to everyone. Muharram ul haram is the month of sharing. ‘’

Recipe for Ashoura : (for approximately 20 people)
6 water glasses of Wheat
2 water glasses of Chickpea
2 water glasses of dry bean
2 Tea cups of Rice
4 table spoons of currant
4 table spoons of pine nuts
4 apples, 10 dry apricots
200 gr dry grapes
Grated peel of 2 oranges
7 water glasses of granulated sugar.

For the topping: Dried apricot- fig- pomegranate-walnut-rosewater-cinnamon

Let the wheat come to a boil from one night before with hot water and let it rest till the morning. Boil the Chickpea and dry bean seperately in previously heated pans. Later add the chickpea and fried bean to the wheat. In order, add the rise, pine nuts, dried grapes, diced apples and apricots. Add water until the ingredients are covered and stir while you continue to cook. Finally, add the sugar and orange and lemon peels, mix them. After it is slightly thick, take it from the stove and place it inside bowls. Serve by adding dried apricot, fig, pomegranate, walnut, rosewater, cinnamon on top.Enjoy.

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