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World trip of Taskopru garlic from the Reis Gıda

Reis Gıda collaborated with the Metro Wholesales Market. Geographically marked Taskopru garlic will be exported to Russia and European countries as from 2014.
Geographically marked Taskopru garlic which will be produced with domestic seed, next year will firstly be entering the Metro stores in Germany, France, Bulgaira, Romania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.The purpose it to have the Taskopru garlic in 688 stores at 29 countries around the world.

‘Domestic Garlic Seed Project’ starts in 2014.

Except from the internal market of the Taskopru garlic, Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis explained that they will begin to export worldwide and he also stated that in February 2014 with good agriculture implementations, Taskopru national garlic seed will be broadcasted with a pilot study on a 50000 m2 field at Taskopru Kısla Place.

Mehmet Reis said:
“For the Taskopru garlic to have a yield in a higher standard, the collaboration we are doing about the exportation of Taskopru garlic seems very meaningful. I believe that we will make Taskopru garlic a world brand. As Reis Gıda, . As you know, approximately 14 years ago, I established the the Garlic Facility in Taskopru on my own without any support, in order to invest in the place I was born and to prevent the garlics to pour down to the river. When we come from those years to these ones, we take the first step with our team to bring the national garlic seed project of Taskopru into action.’’

We aim sustainability by owning the values

Mehmet Reis continued his speech by saying;
“We will introduce the garlic that is produced in the soils of Taskopru with its own smell, taste, consistency and analyses to the entire world. We will continue our social responsibility projects and share our knowledge and experience with our farmers by fertilizing the soil, caring for our domestic seed, having collaboration with TUBITAK and universities so that the garlic’s standard can reach the following generations with sustainability.”

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