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The students of Food Engineering had their internship in Reis Gıda

Namık Kemal University, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Food Engineering 4th grade students in Tekirdag joined the internship for a one whole day at Reis Gıda’s center in Esenyurt.
In the internship program executed with the organization of the President of the Faculty of Agriculture Department of Food Engineering Prof. Dr. Mehmet Demirci, 15 students studying the last year of the food engineering met Reis Gıda Chariman of Board Mehmet Reis.

Mehmet Reis who talked about the key to success with the young students, also added; ‘’I recommend you, our future young people to focus on success by working hard and always be confident about yourselves and gain experience of the things you live.’’

In the program which lasted the whole day, the students of food engineering had a conversation with Mehmet Reis and gained information about Reis Gıda Factory. He raised awareness with his two projects against obesity called ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’and ‘’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’.

The world population increases, life in the country side decreases

Within the information he gave to the students, Mehmet implied that he planned to raise awareness for soil after the United Nations (UN) declared the year of 2015 as ‘’the international Soil Year’’. He also added:
‘’In the world, the the 33% of the global soil resources are unproductive. Human’s application on soil has also come to a critical level where the soil has decreased or consumed its basic functions of the soil. According to the statistics of United Nations (UN), it is estimated that the world population will exceed 9 billion. As a matter of fact, from one hand the world population increases, however from the other hand people living on the country sides continue to decrease. During the years of 2000s, 60% of the world population lived on the country side, while in 2050 it is estimated that this rate will decrease to 30%.Today,, 1 billion people are under the threat of starvation and unsufficient nutrition. The production of food problem will be discussed more in the future throughout the world. Also, over 1 billion people on planet are facing the diseases brought by obesity’’.

Young people should be motivated for agriculture

Mehmet Reis, who has been saying that each country should have the food production in its own soils sufficient for its own internal consumption, also emphasized that no country should lay its back to another country thinking about importation for a subject vital as nutrition.
Mehmet Reis claimed that Turkey is still lucky for being a ‘’agricultural country’’, and he also added:
“There are 2.5 million unemployed people in our country and the unemployment is mostly on young people. In this case, young people should be motivated to transfer to agricultural economy.If we ensure that the young people are fed where they are born; we will have the food production we need for our internal consumption and be the solution to the current deficit by having more food exportation to the world, prevent unemployment and let the population live well socially and economically. ‘’

’’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’

Reis Gıda explained that they have been expressing the corporate social responsibility project campaign called ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’ for 6 years in every platform. He told that they executed the ’’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’ project later on. Mehmet Reis who has been stating that cooking at home is healthy and economical, also added:

“We have been expressing the corporate social responsibility project campaign called ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’ for 6 years in every platform against obesity. We also tell all of the individuals in the community to cook home-made food to feed healthied and more balanced. We made the ’’Home Made Food, Account is Net’’ campaign which was the continuation of our ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’ campaign, and put it into practice at the start of the year 2015. We calculated the cost of 4 kinds of food for 4 people and cooked the meal. The cost of 4 kinds of food for a family with 4 people was changing between 15-16 TL. In sum, a meal cooked at home eaten buy the family is both healthy and balanced and also economical.’’

Mehmet Reis, who remined that the family company Reis had its foundation in 1981, explained that the market has been trusting Reis since the day it went into action from his success story which started with a borrowed table and telephone. Reis Goda, which has been shaping the dru food sector for 34 years, is exporting to 4 continents and 20 countries says Mehmet Reis and added by saying that they export to America, Germany, Dubai, England, all over the world with the Reis branded rise and pulse products.

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