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A Thank You Plaque from EGD to Reis Gıda

A Thank You Plaque was given to the leader firm in the dry food sector Reis Gıda from the Economy Journalists Association (EGD).

The traditional Bayramoglu meeting of EGD was carried out on 13th and 14th of September at Press Release Institution Press Holiday Village. In the organization joined by EGD President Celal Toprak and economy reporters, there were also representatives of the business world as the Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis, Metro Wholesaler Market Turkey General Manager Kubilay Ozerkan and Trakya Et-Süt Ürünleri AŞ General Manager Andac Gunsoy.

Metro Wholesaler Market Turkey General Manager Kubilay Ozerkan informed on the geography markes products’ increase in the market.

The world trip of the Taskopru Garlic starts
Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis who reminded the collaboration of Reis Gıda and Metro Wholesales Market for protecting the Taskoru Garlic, recorded that they will be starting the world tour by exporting the Taskopru Garlic marked as geographic produced with domestic seed.

Mehmet Reis continued his speech by saying ‘Our priority is domestic seeds’ and said that the studies to take the Taskopru Garlic to where it deserves are still going on. Mehmet Reis mentioned that the establishment of Reis Sarmoni Garlic Facility was 15 years ago and that since that date the Taskopru Garlic producer hasn’t poured the garlics in the river, left them at the field and sold them at loss. Mehmet Reis added by saying:
As Reis Gıda we are collaborating with various kinds of universities, especially TUBITAK and Kastamonu University without breaking the Taskopru Garlic standard so that it can be transfered to the future generations. Also, we are still maintaining our corporate social responsibility project which we started for Taskopru Garlic by sharing our knowledge and experience with our farmers and making the soil richer, protecting our domestic seed.”

Taskopru garlic:
The most intense garlic harvesting in Turkey is done at Taskopru. The thing that makes the garlic of Taskopru so irreplaceable is the high level of iron and sulphur rate, strong taste and smell. This garlic type is rich in mineral (especially selenium) and vitamin and is both tasty and healthy. The Taskopru garlic which is only grown in this region’s climatic conditions, is known as the best garlic around the world.

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