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‘Domestic Goods Week; From Memories To the Future’ was celebrated by Reis Gıda

‘Domestic Goods Week; From Memories To the Future’ was celebrated by Reis Gıda. Saving, Investment and Turkish Goods Week is celebrated between the dates 12 and 18 December Reis Gıda organized an event at Point Hotel Taksim on 18th of December for celebration. During the evetn, especially the domestic goods part drew attention. Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis executed a speech.

It has been celebrated for 68 years

Mehmet Reis who explained that he believed eating healthy and balanced and the saving and investment habits should be thaught to children from early years, and he also added:
“Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his staff, at İzmir 1. Economy Congress in 1923, decided on the protection of the nation and the production and use of the domestic goods.Since the year 1946, we continue to celebrate this week for 68 years. Domestic goods week has a special and memorable place in our heart. This week, in which we take our mother’s pie and pastries to school with the fruits that grow in our region, in one hand explains the importance of domestic production and consumption, while in the other hand emphasizing the sharing and consultation.”

Beside the community and the farmer

Mehmet Reis who has been active in the dry food sector for 33 years, said:
“The fixed price application we implemented in the year 1994, we fought against inflation. Since the year we was established, we have and always will mention in every platform that the farmers should be supported with the importance of domestic production, that the life standards should increase and thaty the hard works should be paid off. As a result of the studies we have been doing with varios universities, we continue to share our knowledge and experience with the farmers. In the dry food sector, we stand beside our community and farmers.’’

As long as obesity continues, the project will continue as well

As long as obesity continues, the project organized by Reis Gıda will continue as well, states Mehmet Reis and continued his speech by saying:
“ Our worldis facing the threat of ‘’junk foods’’ for the last years. In the world, 1 billion people are on the starvation line while more than 1 billion people is dealing with health problem for over-weighting. Experts warn that when we reach 2030s, nearly the half of the world’s population is going to suffer from obesity. Reis Gıda explained that they have been expressing the corporate social responsibility project campaign called ‘’We are Done with Junk Food’’ for 5 years in every platform. ‘’

The domestic seed should be taken care of and delivered to the next generations.

When you feed o the food made from ‘Domestic Seed’, you will be healthier, states Mehmet Reis, and continues:
“If we feed on the food prepared by the Domestic Seed, we will be healthier. Seed is the core of agriculture, the base of independence. As Atatürk once said ‘’Nations lacking producers become slaves of the producer nations.’’ Turkey is the gene center of many products, thus it can protect its richness and independence in agriculture by protecting domestic seed.Experts claim that the production made by genetically modified organism seeds, chemical drug, fertilisation makes the soil unproductive and threats the human health. However the people of science state that the food produced by the domestic seeds can prevent many diseases including cancer. We should increase the domestic seed application throughout the country. We should should collect our traditional local seeds and hide them in seed banks to deliver them to the next generations. It is the right of all of us to consume the products that will be produced on our fertile nation soils. We prepared a box consisting of ‘’seeds that can be hidden in the hope chest’’. Inside it, we put various kinds of seeds including the 12 thousand year siyez bulgur. For instance; as Reis Gıda, we collaborate with TUBITAK various universities including Kastamonu University so that we can take the Taskopru Garlic standard to the next generations without it changing. Our purpose is to make the Good Agriculture Applications spread by saying to our farmers how the production will be and the benefits of them. As you all know, one of the biggest threats of our century is ‘Drought’. We should prepare strong domestic seeds against drought.

The production and consumption of domestic products will decrease the current deficit.

Mehmet Reis claims that the production and consumption of domestic products will decrease the current deficit, and he also adds:

‘’The Vice Prime Minister Dear Ali Babacan stated in one of his speech he executed a couple of days ago, that the the industry, agriculture and high technological product should be supported and that subjects like R&D, domestic seed production should be discussed. The production and consumption of domestic products will decrease the current deficit.’’ he said.

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