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Reis Gıda brought fruitfulness to the table of Umut Cocukları (Children of Hope)

Reis Gıda supported the cooking of the Children of Hope

They are the young people and children of yours, ours, all of us
Reis Gıda, who has been within the numerous social responsibility projects that add value to various kinds of institutions and organizations in the community for 33 yıldır, continues to be beside the children in streets so there can be new hopes.

Reis brings fruitfulness to the table of Children of Hope with products like lentil, chickpea, bulgur, rice,
The leader of the dry food sector Reis Gıda, maintains its leadership of sharing to the community since tha day it went into action.
It guides them to hold on to life again.

Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis stated that they supported and will continue to support the organizations that need support in the community for 33 years. He also added: ‘’As long as the Reis Gıda firm is in action, it will continue to share andspread help. This unity shapes our establishment.’’

The Association of Children of Hope:
As a non governmental organization, it was established on 14th of July 1992 by volunteer founders of public, under the name ‘Protection and Development Association of Children and Youngs with No Place to Live’. After one year, it took the name ‘Association of Street Children’. After 5 years, it took the ‘Association of Street Children Volunteers’ and changed the name in 1999 to ‘Children of Hope’. The Association of Children of Hope’s first step station in Bakirkoy is serving with a dorm of 80 beds and a clean dining hall.

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