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The signatures are put, ‘’Reis Gıda Kastamonu Basketball Sport Club’’ is in the league

The leader firm of the dry food sector Reis Gıda and Kastamonu Basketball Sport Club organized an ‘’name sponsorship’’ signing ceremony.

There were many attenders at the signing ceremony between the Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis and Kastamonu Basketball Sport Club Manager Nihat Saka, on 10th of October 2013 Thursday at provincial directorate of youth and sports Ataturk Sports Hall.

’Reis Gıda Kastamonu Basketball Sport Club’ joins the Turkey Women Basketball 2. League for the first time this year. Turkey Women Basketball 2. League contests will start this month.
The governor Erdogan Bektas ‘’ The two brands will add synergy to each other’’

Governor of Kastamonu Erdogan Bektas stated about the synergy that the Reis Gıda and Kastamonu Basketball Sports Club brands will add to eachother and said that Reis Gıda’s Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis, one of the leading business men, is taking the corporate social responsibility projects into action successfully. The governor Erdogan Bektas added that the branding process both within Turkey and abroad of Taskopru garlic is successfully taken care of by Reis Fıda firm.

We are proud to be supporting Kastamonu Basketball SK 2. League Women basketball team

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Raise said that they were proud to be supporting Kastamonu Basketball SK 2. League Women basketball team and also added:
“Sport is very important for the introduction of a city.We, as the Reis Gıda family are so proud and happy to be supporting both the introduction of our city and our athletes.As Reis Gıda Kastamonu Basketball Sport Club, we aim to rise to the 1. League within the following 3 years by performing great success at the Turkey Women Basketball 2. League contests which we will be attending for the first time this year. ’’
Mehmet Reis also added by saying how he wishes to see the Kastamonu Basketball Sport Club and all the other basketball teams which they are the name sponsor to, have a successful year on behalf of the Turkish basketball.

In our social responsibility projects, we underline healthy eating and the necessity of sports.
Reis Gıda Board Member Isılay Reis Yorgun said:
‘’We are honoured to be the name sponsor of our Kastamonu Basketball SK 2. League Women Basketball team. It made us very happy to meet you here today and gather in this beautiful place. Thank you for not leaving us alone as always. I congratulate all of our basketball girls before you. We, as Reis Goda family, always want to stand beside sports and the athletes. As it can be seen from the social responsibility projects we have carried out, we underline the necessity of healthy eating and sports. Because we want a healthy community and generation without obesity.According to the studies, every 4 men of 10 and every 6 women of 10 are obese. Our people are facing obesity with the ‘’fast food’’ style eating. As Reis, in order ‘to raise awareness against obesity’, we are organizing promotion and publicity campaigns with the slogans .’ Eat Junk Food, That’s the Result’, ’We are Done with Junk Food’ and ’Traditional Tastes Healthy Generations’. For 33 years, as the leader firm of dry food, we will continue to inform our children, youngs, athletes about eating healthy. We want healthy generations by taking the labor of the Turkish Farmer to the tables. Because healthy individuals forms healthy communities. They way to reach healthy generations is through healthy eating and sports. Here, today, let’s talk about sports with you and our basketball players and serve our ashoura along with the ashoura month starting from the 4th of November, consisting our tasty elements that are nutritious.Each ashoura is filled with tastes from all around our nation. The story of this taste with diversity, as you know, starts on the ship of Hz. Noah. In order to celebrate the survival of the ship from the flood, they cook all the grain and pulse they have in their stocks and and serve them to everyone. Muharram ul haram is the month of sharing. The pulses, wheat, chickpea, bean used in ashoura are rich in carbonhydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral. They are the essential food elements for healthy nutrition. I wish for many more successes together and wish all of our athletes a healthy successful season.’’

We are watching in admiration the fight Reis Gıda pulled againt obesity.

Kastamonu Basketball Sports Club Manager Nihar Sakar said:
“As Kastamonu Basketball SK family, we are having a real happiness. We started our studies 3 years ago in a small town, by dreaming big for our children and youngs. From the first day, we have decided to establish the 2. League women basketball team and to bring our Kastamonu to the place it deserves in basketball. Today, our happiness turned into honour. Because Reis Gıda, the only organization name logo we want to carry on our sports gear is now our team’s name sponsor. We are amazed to watch the fight the world wide known Reis Gıda family has started against obesity. We are having an intense fight in order to raise a healthy generation with sports. From now on, we are with the Reis Goda family to raise a healthy generation with out athletes and 2. League women team. The young and majority of the 2. Leauge Women Team is the children raised in Our Kastamonu. As Reis Goda Kastamonu Basketball Sk, we aim the 1. League within 3 years by thinking step by step and we will continue to work for this aim; because we know that we wouldt be able to reach anywhere without the big dreams. As I said before, we are having a real happiness. I hope, with the Reis family, we can raise healthy geenrations and gain many successes with our 2. League Women team. I thank firstly dear Mehtmet Reis and the Reis Gıda family on behalf of our basketball family. So glad we have you, we hope you always stand by us, and we stand by you’’

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