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Kastamonu University and Reis Gıda made a collaboration, a scientific action will take place for the first time in Taskopru Garlic

Kastamonu University and Reis Gıda AŞ started a collaboration for a scientific action that will take place at Tasköprü Garlic for the first time. Within the scope of the project, important problems regarding the production will be searched to find solutions with scientific methods for the worldwide known Taskopru Garlic which is one of the most important agricultural products in our country.
In the signing ceremony organized in Kastamonu University on the 5th of March 2014 between Kastamonu University and Reis Gıda, the attenders were the rector of the Kastamonu Universtiy Prof. Dr. Seyit Aydın, Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis, Vice Rectors of Kastamonu University Prof. Dr. Ali Rafet Özkan, Prof. Dr. Sezgin Ayan and Prof. Dr. Ömer Atalar, and the General Secretary Deputy Assistant Prof. Dr. Omer Kucuk, Reis Sarmoni Garlic President of the Operational FacilityTUncay Kendiroglu, Taskopu MYO Instructors Cihan Cılbıroğlu, Atilla Hepkorucu and Kemal Eyüpoğlu.

In the meeting prior to the signing ceremony, it was recorded that the protocol which will be signed will not only be the fisrt scientific study carried out in this field, but will also be an example for the university-industry collaboration. The scientific study that will be established in 2 years, will be coordinated by Cihan Cılbırcıoglu, the Instructor of the Organic Agriculture Program of the Kastamonu University Taskopru Vocational School. With the collaboration established, Kastamonu University will execute the project with academic expert personnel support and its scientific substructure. On the other hand Reis Gıda AŞ will provide equipment and material support as a 1000 m2 testing field, seed garlic, insecticide.

We will produce the Taskopru Garlic stronger and with a higher quality.

During the protocol ceremony signed with Reis Gıda, The Rector of Kastamony University Prof. Dr. Seyit Aydin spoke and said:
“We gathered to sign a protocol on scitific studies between Kastamonu University and Reis Goda AŞ. For sure, these studies/works will have products, crops. Eventually all scientific studies ust have a production. We have an organic agriculture program within the body of Taskopru Vocational School. In the following years, while detailing the studies, we will also benefit from our facultu of engineering. We will make a start today. Studies will be regarding the Taskopru garlic, our white gold. We hope, by providing the protection of the genetics,we will make our Taskopru garlic stronger and higher quality. ”

We make a contribution to Taskopru garlic’s sustainability and for its transfer to the future

Reis Gıda Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis made a speech at the signing protocol, saying:
“Here we are today, at the signing protocol of a scientific study that will be held in our country for the first time, at the worldwide known Taskopru Garlic within the scope of university- industry collaboration, on preventing the harmful bacterias. I kindly send my salutation and respect on behalf of Prof. Dr. Seyit Aydın, the Rector of the Kastamonu University who will establish the ‘’Scientific Study’ that will lead to the future of Taskopru Garlic. As you know, approximately 15 years ago, I established the the Garlic Facility in Taskopru on my own without any support, in order to invest in the place I was born and to prevent the garlics to pour down to the river. The year our facility was established, the producer of the Taskopru Garlic had to sell his products for 29 piastres, and after our facilty went into action, the same garlic was sold for 3 TL. Eventually, if you sell a product by processing it, price stability will be formed. Today, in Taskopru,
Nearly 3 thousand 500 families maintain their economy with garlic production. As the Reis Gıda Family, we are very proud and happy to help the Taskopru Garlic producers make money and to be able to contribute for the production sustainability. In the project we will establish with Kastamonu University, there will be a study to determine the mite types both harmful and beneficial in the garlic at the 1000 m2 testing cultivation area that belongs to Reis Gıda during the 2 years between 2014-2016. It will be ensured to develop the prevention methods of how to fight against the harmful mites that cause 40% of production loss in garlic. In sum, the standard of the unique Taskopru Garlic with its own taste and extensive aroma will be protected and we aim to take it to the next generations and also have an increase in the internal market and exportation by producing healthy, high quality products. We transfer the information to our producers on how the production is done and what the benefits are according to Good Agriculture Implementations and hence we encourage our producers. Thus, we aim to spread the Good Agriculture Implementations. We believe that the ‘Good Agriculture Implementations’ that don’t harm the environment, people and human health and that is carried out by protecting the natural sourcesare necessary for a livable world. ”

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