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The Head of Hospice and Reis Gıda served Ashoura to the citizens

With the organization of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies Head of Hospice and the contribution of Reis Gıda, on the 6th of November 2015 Friday, at the Okmeydanı Perpa Commercial Center’s 8. Floor entrance poolside area, Perpa served ashoura to its employees and passing citizens.
During the organization where President of Hospice Hamza Cebeci, the Chairman of Board Mehmet Reis, Perpa Board Chairman Mithat Yumlu and citizens were taking place;

It was said ‘’In the muharram ul haram Ashoura will be served. This traditional taste is shared and eaten with joy.Bless the muharram ul haram.’’

People who work at Perpa Commercial Center and the passing citizens showed great interest in the ashoura serving. During the organization taking place in daytime, thousands of people visited the Hospice stadium and took his/her ashoura.

Hamza Cebeci;
“If young people take care of olds and olds take care of youngs, there will be peace and blessing in the community.”

President of Hospice Hamza Cebeci said, “Whenever the old people start to take care of youngs and the youngs take care of olds; rich people help the poors and the poors respect the rich ones; that is the time there will be peace and blessing in the community. I thank Perpamanagement board for their contribution to this organization, and the Reis Gıda team and Hospice employees.”
Reis Gıda Chairman od Board Mehmet Reis said, “The muharram ul haram is the month of sharing. During this month the ashouras cooked with ingredients from all around Turkey are served to the neighbours.The serving of the ashouras cooked in the pan of tolerance to the neighbours is one of the most beautiful ecamples of unity.”

Perpa Chairman of Board Mithat Yümlü said; “For a country to be advanced, it needs take care of its poors. If old people aren’t taken care of, there is no humanity there. The Head of Hospice, established by Sultan Abdülhamit Han, help the ones in need for 120 years. We thank for the organization of hospice and the contribution of Reis Gıda."

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