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Support from Reis Gıda to prevent the traffic accidents during bairams

The leader of the dry food sector Reis Gıda, ensured that lentil soup and rice were provided for the vehicle drivers and passengers at the stands in the region traffic stations in Yozgat district with the social responsibility project it supports for the prevention of traffic accidents during long roads in bairam.

The importance of a safe journey adapting the traffic rules was explained to the thousands of drivers and passengers within the scope of the ‘ Human Oriented Traffic Security and Safe Life in Traffic’ project managed by the Yozgat Police Department, on 3 October Friday and 4 October Saturday; by the traffic patrols at Yerkoy region traffic station, Akdagmadeni region traffic station and Bogazlıyan region traffic station. Later, the lentil soup and rice pilaf supplied from Reis Gıda was served so that the drivers could rest.Yozgat district is a passing location in Central Anatolia where the drivers’ tiredness signs increase and also is an international highway. It is aimed to keep the road safety at maximum and make the drivers and passengers have a careful and peaceful journey thanks to the resting and wuality offers establised with this project managed by Yozgat Police Depertment during the Greater Eid when the traffic is intense.

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