Social Responsibility

Reis aims to transmit the sector problems to the relevant authorities together with solution suggestions by observing how this problems effect the country economy and consumers. Because of the important given by the media to this subject, it communicate the solution suggestion to large mass. For Reis, country interests are more important of its own interests.

Together with the products and services offered in the understanding of social responsibility, Reis also conduct activities in law, moral standards and activities compatible with human rights; a sustainable development is provided with an approach respectful to the environment.

Based on international business standards, four principles of Reis Corporate Management establishing confidence between the stakeholders and institutions are as follows:

-Openness and transparency,
-Fair behaviour

The primary purpose of Reis is to add value permanently.

Reis conducts social responsibility with its activities in the business field and with social support.

Reis always accepts its role to contribute for the development of societies beyond the legal requirements in various areas related to economy and environment. Mehmet Reis, the Cahirman of Executive Board of Reis Gıda: "As businessmen, we have to work hard to do something in order to solve social events. Because Reis Gıda's establishment purpose contains also social responsibility projects, we continue premanently to provide a material and non-material contribution to the society. I believe that most important contentment of a businessman is the social responsibility projects. We are happy to have fulfilled my duty of loyalty to my country and made the needer feel that they are not alone".

Reis Gıda, with its social responsibility projects, acts with social responsibility conscience during work. It realizes the social responsibility conception by enclosing the needer person in the society and providing materiel and non-material support.

As important elements of the sustainable development, it gets in contact with its employees, suppliers, dealers and briefly all partners in the ecosystem honestly and fairly. It provides a safe and peaceful working environment to its staff working the factories in Istanbul and Kastamonu.

It contribute its staff for being volunteer in social responsibility projects.

Besides our country, Reis Gıda, which gives ear to the disasters occurred abroad, has made an aid by sending dry food by means of "Help Train" organized for the flood disaster occurred in Pakistan. Reis Food has received the Golden Medal due to the support provided for domestic and foreign humanitarian aid programs given by Turkish Red Crescent.

As long as Reis firm exists, it will continue to be a hope for poor and needer persons by taking place in social responsibility project.

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