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Importance of Pulses for Human Body

 Because pulse is rich in terms of high wall, vegetable proteins, B vitamin and minerals, it takes first place between the foods necessary for human body. Consumption of Pulse, which is an integral part of the traditional Turkish cuisine, has increased in recent years with the advice of nutrition experts in the world and especially our country and it is one of important nutrition foods.
Also, it is protein rich and at the top of list for food that will replace the meat. Nutritionists indicate that negative aspects such as saturated fat and cholesterol in meat do not exist in pulses. In addition, the pulse, which is extremely rich in terms of fibre, regulates intestinal movements and should also be used in slimming diets because it provides a feeling of fullness. The experts state that the pulse providing energy because of slow digestion does not contain cholesterol causing coronary heart disease, regulates intestinal problems and prevent large intestine and stomach cancers and stomach laziness because it has a high content of fibre. Also, the experts indicated that the pulse is an indispensable food for the body.
Importance of Pulses for Children

In the studies, it has been showed that it is very important to feed babies, in terms of their growing, with dry foods containing vegetable proteins such as chickpeas, soy beans, broad beans, lentils and beans. The pulse is very important for body and mental development as well as not having any obesity problems in childhood.

Importance for Pregnant Women

Consumption of the pulse having many benefits for body in pregnancy period is very important in terms of its benefits to breast milk as well as infant development. Feeding the unborn baby with a correct and healthy manner is very important both for the mother and baby. Briefly, correct nutrition starts in the mother's womb both for babies and adults. Recommendation of the lentils especially to the nursing mothers has showed that a healthy nutrition is possible only with a correct nutrition. It drew attention to the importance and difference of the pulses.

Importance for young people;

The needs of School-age children for all nutrition elements for rapid growing and development, normal brain development and mental performance are more than the other periods. It is very important to get correct nutrition habit in this period and maintain this habit in whole life is very important.
Because, foundation of a healthy life and healthy adulthood is established in this period. Today, the reason of the chronic diseases increasing rapidly is unhealthy and poor nutrition in childhood and adolescence period.
When these reasons come together, risk of obesity is substantially increased. Healthy eating in school-age children and adolescents effects their performance, achievements and activities. In addition to this, Iron mineral in the pulse aids to body growing. Therefore, it is very important for body and brain development of the growing children. Besides, vitamins, minerals and proteins in the pulse meet the necessary requirements for body development.

Importance for adults:

It should not be forgotten that the foods consumed in the period of youth is an investment for adulthood period and that unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition leads to many diseases. Because, the reason of the diseases appeared in the human body in old ages are possibly resulting from wrong nutrition. Pulse is a primary food contributing %100 to correct nutrition with its fibre, protein, vitamin and mineral content. By preventing the diseases which can occur in this period, the pulse is an indispensable food and nutrition style for growing healthy persons in the family and society.

Importance for old people:

The slowdown in the functions of organs and body in old ages increases. Against costiveness problems occurred especially in old ages, you should be careful in respect of pulp consumption for intestinal movement. Dry Pulses are very important as a pulp sources. Alongside of being rich in terms of pulp, dry beans are important nutrients having more benefits. Studies have proved that pulses clean the cholesterol especially in blood veins.
It has been stated that old peoples having problems in mental activities have lack of pholat. Lack of Pholat leads anaemia and cardiovascular diseases. Pholat in the pulses emphasizes once again the importance of consumption of the pulses in old ages.

Briefly, it has been stated by the studies made in our country and world that it should be given weight to pulses consumption in order to continue the nutrition starting in mother's womb to be maintained also in infancy, childhood, adulthood and old age and that the correct nutrition is a fight against obesity. Alongside of numerious benefits, it does not take place in a product class, like meat, which is not possible to be consumed at every stage of the society . Preferability of the pulse increases . Because it can be procured easily by persons in every revenue level due to the affordible prices.

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