Social Responsibility

-Reis gida, which is an examples of company with its environment-focused social responsibility projects by acting with an environmentally sensitive approach, has been awarded with "Green Economy Award" in 2015.

-Reis Gıda continues to give conscience to the farmer in respect of good agriculture by establishing a collaboration with Kastamonu University and other Universities in order for Taskopru garlic to reach next generations.

-In this purpose, It makes actual the project of Taskopru garlic cultivated by native seeds in cooperation with Metro Toptancı Market since 2014

-Reis Gıda adops a sustainable environment approach in its works. It always emphasizes the importance of fertile lands and value of production made by labour of farmers.

-In the factories situated in Istanbul and Kastamonu, the production is performed in accordance with Environment Law. Waste management processes are implemented in its facilities. Company continuously implements trainings for its personnel about the protection of environment and other issues.

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