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Chickpeas contains high amounts of protein and starch. It has two times more protein than cereals. It has Kocbası, Spanish, Kıvırcık and Raosted Chickpeas varieties. Nevşehir, Ürgüp, Biga, Gönen, Ezine, Konya, Isparta chickpeas and big sized ones are preferred. Ankara, Eskişehir, Tokat, Gaziantep, Kilis, Çorum, Yozgat, Denizli and Çanakkale chickpeas are also consumed.

Regional differencies are important in chickpeas. The chickpeas of certain regions should not be mixed with each other. Because, there are local differences in cooking. If they are used by mixing, some of them are cooked and some raw. Chickpeas sizes are determined and dark coloured and hollowed chickpeas are eliminated by hand. The ones of 9-10 mm are separated as the biggest ones. The ones of 8-8.5 mm are separated as big ones and the ones of 8 mm and lower are separated for roasted chickpeas. In packaging, the biggest ones are preferred, which are 9-19 mm. Calibrage is important for chickpeas. A difference of 1 mm is generate a difference of 30-40% in the prices. Kocbası and Spanish chickpeas are in the luxury chickpeas class. These chickpeas are big, long and cornered. Their length is 1.5 time more than the weight. Depth and weight is equal. Chickpeas grains are tightened toward the edge. There is veins on the chickpeas and they are light yellow. Dry and durable products are used in package. There should not be any green and dark brown grains in the chickpeas . These chickpeas are difficult to be cooked. If the grains are hairy, they are not coming from the recommended regions.

Other feature of the chickpeas is to have thin shells and be easy to peeling. These type of chickpeas are cooked rapidly, peeled and delicious. After different chickpeas from various region of Turkey have been collected in certain trade centers for exportation are sifted, separated according to the length and offered form time to time to the domestic market with a reduced price. These products should not be used in packaging. Because, there is cooking difference as well as insect risk. They should not be also added to old crop to sell with a reduced price. There may be hollows on these products. This product cannot be cooked rapidly because it lost the quality. When it has consumed, it may cause bloating in the stomach. In the recent years, coarse chickpeas (12 mm) have been imported from Mexico to meet chickpeas needs arising from insufficient production. Although those chickpeas have a nice appearance, it has been determined that they are not as delicious as Turkish chickpeas and they have hollows.

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