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With its production capacity of 40.000
tons Reis, located in an enclosed area of
5.500 m² in İkitelli, Aykosan San. Sitesi,
has been operating since 2007.
With the adaptation and the
implementation of European Union
consumer rights, the production
activities of Reis are permanently
monitored pursuant the test and
inspection methods established by TSE
and Reis has been implementing HACCP
methods under the Bureau Veritas
consultancy and the ISO 9001:2000
Quality Management System since
Reis products, certified as in conformity
with the relevant National and
International quality norms, are
exported to, mainly, USA and to the
other countries like TRNC, Canada,
France, Austria and Turkish Republics.
Being the first company holder of these
certificates in its sector, Reis is becoming
a world brand.
Reis has a food safety management
system, providing the conformity
guarantee of the production
environment to the hygienic conditions,
rather than performing final control of
the products, the process in which all
physical, chemical and biologic hazards
at all stages from the production to the
consumption are determined and
controlled accordingly.
Certified by Food Registration
Certification No G-34-I.O.S.B-12, Reis
products are automatically packaged in
1 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg and
50 kg packages in conformity with
Turkish Food Codex, TSE standards and
Reis Food Safety Policy.
The difference in cooking time and taste
between the products cultivated in
various regions of Turkey and the
imported ones is also experienced in the
taste of the newly produced products
and early produced products. Taking all
of these factors into consideration, Reis
performs control of the products at all
stages from the production to the
packaging. Reis tries to supply its
conscious, contemporary consumers
with the products that are in conformity
with the food safety standards and fit
for taste, cooking easily, without
peeling, incremental, with high nutritive
properties and of good quality.
According to the results of the research
conducted by AC NIELSEN ZET, Reis has
the highest score, among the mostly
widely-known rice and pulses brands, in
brand awareness in the category of rice
and pulses.
The main reasons of the preference of
Reis products are “trust”, "taste”, "quality"
and "hygiene".
Maintaining its reputation as reliable
brand in the country and in abroad, Reis
provides its customers with the grains of
taste by brands of Reis and Verim
Without compromising its sense of
quality and the view of protection of the
consumers, Reis has always considers
the consumer satisfaction above all.
The preference of the Reis rice and pulses
products in the food sector can only be
explained by the accomplishment of a
quarter-century high performance,
business ethic and the profound
business infrastructure.
In consideration of the customer
satisfaction and with the principles of
the highest quality, the optimum price
and the on time delivery, Reis is well
aware of the responsibility of its
certifications, and prizes as well as its
responsibility to the all of the retailers it
provides service and its customers.
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